The Hat Ladies


Cancer knows neither religious nor ethnic boundaries.

As mothers, daughters, sisters and wives, we know this to be true. Most of us have been touched in some way by the devastating effects of cancer in our family or with our friends. Many patients have expressed a desire to have a covering for their heads after the ravages of treatment have caused their hair to become thin or to fall out altogether.

About the Hat Ladies of Corona

In 2005, I read an article in Family Circle magazine about a woman named Ginny Hibbard in Redding, California who founded her own group called “Chuck’s Hats 4 Chemo.”  Check out her website at  Her husband, Chuck, had suffered the ravages of cancer and passed away with Ginny by his side.  She continued on with her ministry of making hats, as well as blankets, for her local area.  When a need is brought to her attention, she finds a way to meet that need.  Her story inspired me to organize and found our group here in Southern California ~ The Hat Ladies.  Ginny and I became fast friends and were fortunate enough to get a chance to meet a few years back.  We continue to email and call each other to this day.  Her story, as well as her guidance, are something I am very thankful to have come across.

After having made hats with another friend of mine, Anna Hicks, since 2001, when I began driving for the American Cancer Society, we met and decided that organization was desperately needed in order for our idea to take root and grow.  We sat down and decided preliminaries, such as when we would meet, who we would serve, and how many hats we thought we would be able to make each month to meet the needs of our local oncology offices.  We started talking about our idea, and many of our friends joined hands to help patients whose lives have been touched by our kindness.  We started counting the hat donations in 2007, so we have probably donated double the amount we have listed above right.

Several of our hat makers are cancer survivors or have a family member whose life was touched by cancer.  Because of this first hand experience with oncology offices, each hat is truly lovingly made and many of the women say a prayer for whoever will receive the beautiful hat they make.

Our group meets in the Corona, California area on the third Monday of each month from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Currently, over 30 women are making hats for The Hat Ladies.  Hats are turned in, patterns are shared and all of us feel a sense of doing something important for our community. Hats are made for holidays for the children, who love receiving decorative caps to show off their seasonal spirit! Valentine’s Day brings out the pink, red and white while St. Patrick’s Day touts all shades of green with crocheted clovers adorning the hats. Easter shines with pastels for the girls and blues for the boys. Fourth of July waves the banner of the old red, white and blue in varying patterns. Pumpkin hats with leaves and stems, candy-corn hats, and autumnal colors reign in the October and November months.  The boys love the black hats with spiders and spiderwebs attached.  The Christmas season is full of reds and greens, with many of the feminine hats having hand-crocheted poinsettias stitched on. Hats are also made for those who celebrate Kwanzaa and Hanukkah!

Variety in the hats is important, as the adults and children alike have a personality all their own to show off. Some are like military watch caps. Others are like ski caps. Some are berets. If there is a pattern out there, we can make it! What is most important is the relief the gift brings the patient fighting the dreaded disease. What also counts is the feeling of giving on the part of the women who make the caps.

Materials are donated, hats are free

Ongoing recipients of hats include:

  1. *   Loma Linda Children’s Hospital in Loma Linda, California

  2. *   Veteran’s Hospital in Loma Linda, California

  3. *   Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles in Los Angeles, California

  4. *   Wilshire Oncology in West Covina, California

  5. *    Wilshire Oncology in Corona, California

  6. *    Riverside Medical Clinic in Riverside, California

  7. *    Moon Rad One in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  8. *    Wings of Faith, Corona, California

  9. *    Medical Oncology, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Orange, California

  10. *    Virginia Crosson Cancer Center, St. Jude’s Hospital,

        Fullerton, California

*     San Francisco Children’s Hospital, San Francisco, California


Welcome to The Hat Ladies!

We began counting the hats we delivered in March of 2007.  To date, donations of hats, scarves and blankets total:


(as of end of December, 2013)

Hats delivered to Loma Linda Children’s Hospital

If you would like to donate yarn to this very worthwhile project, contact Susan Brunner, founder of The Hat Ladies, at

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Our yarn is either donated by individuals or companies or purchased by the hat makers. There is NEVER a charge for the hats. All hats are washed prior to distribution to assure cleanliness for the patient. Each hat comes tagged showing the name of the maker in the event the patient wishes to send a note back to the woman who hand-made the cap.

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